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Gianfranco Ceccolini gianfranco at moddevices.com
Sun Apr 10 20:05:08 UTC 2016

Hi Niko

> i started being creative, i love that broken sounding clipping on the
> rakkarack-distotion on a clean sound. used it at the bandpractice, but
> unfortunately the system hang, audio stopped working, and i had to
> reboot 3 times within 4 hours, so i cant risk using it on our next gig
> while i'd love to :’(

Rakkarack is part of the UNSTABLE group. The LV2 port is quite recent. 

When you’re at the Plugin Store windows you can see the “Stable Only” filter on the top left side.

> well, i found some bugs and had some ideas, i'll post the bugs on
> github, as long as i didnt read about em elsewhere.
> i believe to better not post the suggestions on github. right?

yep. actually we need to sort out a functional way to organize and manage the feature suggestions from the users. any suggestion on that? ;-)

> some already suggested ideas are quite high on my whishlist, such as

> "save settings of a board offline”

coming very soon. Included the sister feature “reset pedalboard to saved state” 

>  "whole board presets”

not so soon, but on the roadmap

> and "tuner”.

very soon

> most important for me: true bypass. this is a killer (atm). as long as i
> dont need a pedal, it has to be on true bypass. this is especially
> crucial right now, while the system keeps hanging from time to time, but
> it should be implemented anyway.

The Duo has a True bypass that bypases the entire device, including analog circuits. Their control are on the Footer of the Assembler. Is this the one u are referring

>  - please make the true bypass switchable by the footswitches.

This is coming for sure, but has not been put on high priority.

> i guess
> you didnt (yet?), because there would be some latency?

Nope. It is just that the workload is quite high.

>    for me, latency wouldnt be a problem, since i wouldn't use it within
> an song.

>    i think, just adding a box to the utilities, having a switch for
> left and right, would be the way to go
>  - how about saving the true-bypass setting together with the
> pedalboard. i guess this could free some resources?
>  - when both outputs are on bypass, one could think of pausing
> audioprocessing by the system, avoiding heat and saving some
> (cpu)lifetime ;)

The current implementatios does not affect the DSP. It simply short circuits the INS and OUTS.

>  - option to run the headphones "mono". so that when there is just one
> output used or bass on the left and guitar on the right i would hear
> both signals on both ears.
>    there could be also an automatic, for the situation when only one
> output is assigned

that seems to be a good idea, but probably not an easy one. for sure this would need to be done at the CODEC driver’s level and, even then, not sure if it is possible.

the headphone uses the AUX output of the Cirrus Logic CS4245 codec.

>  - under utilities there is that a/b switch (switchbox2). when
> assinging the footswitch the LED is always green, this isn't that
> helpfull. on/off or green/red would be nice, either as new deafult or
> make it customizable.
>  - a/b switch again: please add a 2-channel version. if you havn't
> already. (or should i take a look t the plugindevstuff and try myself?
> not sure if my skille are sufficient)

if you volunteer to do it we offer all support we can ;-)

>  - a switchbox4 would be great! :)  (so stepping on the footswitch
> would switch to the next channel - just linke the banks handling)

same as previous ;-)

>  - double tap! many loopers have doubletap-functioanlity. so if there
> would be Footswitch 1 Double Tap and Footswitch 2 Double Tab to the
> dropdownmenu on assinging plugin-controls, we would already have 4
> things we could control. especially for the superlooper this would be
> great already, in order to be able to playpause, record, reset and undo.

i’ve been debating with regards to this for months now. it is way more complex than it seems. there is also a third actuation with “click and hold”

since the actual footswitch is a momentary key, we need to take into account wether the firmware is reading “pulse up” or “pulse down”. 

not only that but also the fact that we have the “tap tempo” feature that existed on the Quadra - controls with time based units ( sec, milisec, Hz and BPM ) are offered the footswitches and a chronometer in the HMI sends the tap duration. 

this could clash wit the double-click.

>  - i know someone asked for making the footswitches assignable more
> than once. while your reply lets me guess, its not the easiest thing to
> do, how about just an easy utility again, that has 1 footswitch, and
> when fired it switches a couple of other switches? so, once you place it
> on the pedalboard you would have one more switch in the dropdownmenu.

the good old Virtual Control Chain devices ;-)
>  - for exampe: my current bandpractice-default is FS1 for mute (using
> the ToggleSwitch4) and FS2 for some gain-boost, Knob2 does the
> gainadjust. Knob 1 is not assigned. so theres "knob #1" standing on the
> display, which isnt too nice - in offlinemode. it could stay just empty,
> or be customizable (hehe), or just display the banks/pedalboards name.

why not move the gain adjust to knob 1 and leave the knob2 screen showing the bank list? ;-)

>  - since the mod hangs some times, can we support you with some kind of
> crashdumps, tail'ed logfiles. if so: how?

this is in discussion here. falkTX and Crudo might have more details
>  - i can't install plugins from the plugin store right now, it says no
> authentication. i can reste the xruns, so i believe i have 0.11.3
> running. guess this is gonna solve itself at some point, right? ;)

the release system got a bit clogged but Ale managed to finish the automation in the servers and it might get way better now.

> so long and thanx for your work again!

thanks. it is a pleasure and your feedback is most welcome.

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