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Thijs van severen thijsvanseveren at gmail.com
Sat Apr 9 20:33:16 UTC 2016

2016-04-08 3:43 GMT+02:00 Niko <niko at ente-x.de>:

> hey there
> so i've been playing around with the mod some hours since i picked it up
> two weeks ago, and its a greatbox. i'm pleased by it's sound: i plugged
> it to the effectloop of my valve-amp (in order to have the distorted
> signals to work with) and i cant really hear a difference. (i do
> believe, that i actually do hear a subtle difference, but i didnt do a
> blind test, by someone else dialing the send-knob. (before i got that
> amp, 15 years ago, i had a cheap zoom-multi, wich i instantly threw away
> when i got the amp, cause it was just killing all the dynamics – since
> then i only used analog pedals))
> can't wait to plug in an extra mic for our singer and start messing with
> that :D
> i started being creative, i love that broken sounding clipping on the
> rakkarack-distotion on a clean sound. used it at the bandpractice, but
> unfortunately the system hang, audio stopped working, and i had to
> reboot 3 times within 4 hours, so i cant risk using it on our next gig
> while i'd love to :'(
> well, i found some bugs and had some ideas, i'll post the bugs on
> github, as long as i didnt read about em elsewhere.
> i believe to better not post the suggestions on github. right?
> some already suggested ideas are quite high on my whishlist, such as
> "save settings of a board offline", "whole board presets" and "tuner".
> most important for me: true bypass. this is a killer (atm). as long as i
> dont need a pedal, it has to be on true bypass. this is especially
> crucial right now, while the system keeps hanging from time to time, but
> it should be implemented anyway.
>   - please make the true bypass switchable by the footswitches. i guess
> you didnt (yet?), because there would be some latency?
>     for me, latency wouldnt be a problem, since i wouldn't use it within
> an song.
>     i think, just adding a box to the utilities, having a switch for
> left and right, would be the way to go
>   - how about saving the true-bypass setting together with the
> pedalboard. i guess this could free some resources?
>   - when both outputs are on bypass, one could think of pausing
> audioprocessing by the system, avoiding heat and saving some
> (cpu)lifetime ;)
>   - option to run the headphones "mono". so that when there is just one
> output used or bass on the left and guitar on the right i would hear
> both signals on both ears.
>     there could be also an automatic, for the situation when only one
> output is assigned


>   - under utilities there is that a/b switch (switchbox2). when
> assinging the footswitch the LED is always green, this isn't that
> helpfull. on/off or green/red would be nice, either as new deafult or
> make it customizable.

>   - a/b switch again: please add a 2-channel version. if you havn't
> already. (or should i take a look t the plugindevstuff and try myself?
> not sure if my skille are sufficient)
>   - a switchbox4 would be great! :)  (so stepping on the footswitch
> would switch to the next channel - just linke the banks handling)
>   - double tap! many loopers have doubletap-functioanlity. so if there
> would be Footswitch 1 Double Tap and Footswitch 2 Double Tab to the
> dropdownmenu on assinging plugin-controls, we would already have 4
> things we could control. especially for the superlooper this would be
> great already, in order to be able to playpause, record, reset and undo.
>   - i know someone asked for making the footswitches assignable more
> than once. while your reply lets me guess, its not the easiest thing to
> do, how about just an easy utility again, that has 1 footswitch, and
> when fired it switches a couple of other switches? so, once you place it
> on the pedalboard you would have one more switch in the dropdownmenu.
>   - for exampe: my current bandpractice-default is FS1 for mute (using
> the ToggleSwitch4) and FS2 for some gain-boost, Knob2 does the
> gainadjust. Knob 1 is not assigned. so theres "knob #1" standing on the
> display, which isnt too nice - in offlinemode. it could stay just empty,
> or be customizable (hehe), or just display the banks/pedalboards name.
>   - since the mod hangs some times, can we support you with some kind of
> crashdumps, tail'ed logfiles. if so: how?
>   - i can't install plugins from the plugin store right now, it says no
> authentication. i can reste the xruns, so i believe i have 0.11.3
> running. guess this is gonna solve itself at some point, right? ;)
> so long and thanx for your work again!
> nïkö
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