[mod-users] Requesting overview of the software stack

Ytai Ben-Tsvi ytaibt at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 04:15:56 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

Any chance one of you can provide (or refer me to) a high-level description
of the entire software stack of the MOD, starting at the OS all the way to
the application? This shouldn't be longer than a simple diagram, perhaps
with links to where the source code can be found in the MOD github account.

And a specific question: are you using vanilla Linux or did you apply any
realtime patch to the kernel? If the former, how do you guarantee realtime
performance? I get the feeling that the XRUN problems are likely a result
of improper task scheduling and will never go away completely unless the
entire device is treated as realtime system. The fact that those XRUNs are
sporadic makes me suspect that there might be something wrong with the
scheduling, if it ever allows anything significant (as opposed to quick
interrupts) other than the audio to preempt the audio.

I have some experience in this field and would be happy to look over some
code or consult, if you feel that this could help.

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