[mod-users] first thoughts

Daniel Dickison danieldickison at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 01:57:34 UTC 2016

> On Apr 7, 2016, at 9:43 PM, Niko <niko at ente-x.de> wrote:
> i started being creative, i love that broken sounding clipping on the
> rakkarack-distotion on a clean sound. used it at the bandpractice, but
> unfortunately the system hang, audio stopped working, and i had to
> reboot 3 times within 4 hours, so i cant risk using it on our next gig
> while i'd love to :'(

I've had a similar experience: sounds great but I've gotten one or two crashes requiring reboots every 2-hour band practice. I'm also curious whether there are log files we can grab that will help in debugging these issues.

>  - please make the true bypass switchable by the footswitches. i guess
> you didnt (yet?), because there would be some latency?

I would guess that implementing a true bypass that continues to work in the case of device failure is probably impossible. Might just have to live with a separate A/B box in front of the Mod Duo.

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