[mod-users] Bluetooth interface and others

Filipe Coelho falktx at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 09:33:03 UTC 2016

On 06.04.2016 08:47, Fábio Lima wrote:
> The wiki (http://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/MOD_Duo) mentions an "USB 
> HOST - USB 2.0 Standard-A type" port possibly with "USB Bluetooth" 
> capability. Does this mean I can plug a bluetooth dongle in there and 
> make MOD bluetooth capable? Is this working at least experimental? Is 
> It only intended as a network usb replacement or we can dream about an 
> audio output going through there to an external bluetooth amp (please 
> say yes!!! ;-))?

Bluetooth functionality will come in a later update.
We already have the base implementation for it done, just needs to be 
integrated in the controller menus and then tested.

> Doing an "lsusb" at the linux terminal I could only see a ethernet 
> network, not an audio device "USB Audio", as mentioned at the wiki. Is 
> It available?

I hope I'm not wrong here... but I believe this was one of the 
kickstarter stretch goals, which was not reached.

> Does the "USB Wifi", using a wi-fi dongle, let me replace the usb 
> cable to connect the browser ui?

That's the intention.
The bluetooth connectivity will very likely come first.

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