[mod-users] Getting going with the Mod Duo

Michael Shonle michael at cantux.com
Tue Apr 5 16:54:26 UTC 2016

Hi, just got my Mod Duo, and overall, very impressive and slick!

A few questions:
  1.  Is there any guide for getting it working with OSX?   Windows was
fine (after following the 'troubleshooting guide') but didn't figure out
the Mac.

   2. What's the root password for ssh connecting?

   3.  I'm using it with a controller I'm developing (the eCorder:
www.cantux.com), and it has an accelerometer that's always sending MIDI on
3 controllers, so the MIDI learn mode is problematic.  So would it be
possible to add e.g. in the 'advanced' tab, a field that shows/edits the
assigned controller?   Also, what is the file format?  Is it text-based and

   4.   For the USB MIDI port, it would be nice if it could 'remember' it
between plugging/unplugging without having to re-add it.

   5.  Consider adding a 'confirm' dialog for deleting pedals (and/or an
'undo'), since it's easy to miss the 'settings' button and delete it

Thanks again for such a nice box, looking forward to using it a lot!

-Mike Shonle
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