[mod-developers] MOD Duo release 0.13.0 (testing)

Filipe Coelho falktx at moddevices.com
Tue May 3 12:32:40 UTC 2016

Hello everyone.
A new update is here.

As we said last time, this update will have 1 week testing period before 
being considered stable.
Our releases page - http://moddevices.com/releases.html - does not yet 
include this one.

With that said, here's the download link:
Note that v0.12.2 is *required*, you won't be able to update to this 
release from older versions.

The biggest change in this release is on the plugin store, that now does 
not do a full refresh/rescan after a single plugin change.
Instead, it updates only the relevant plugins.
This makes the update and installation of plugins much faster.

Another thing to note is that this release tarball comes encrypted.
This is not to prevent you from seeing its contents, but to ensure it's 
an official MOD image.

Here's the changelog:
  - allow custom javascript in modguis
  - allow to use a USB stick for update instead of connecting to a PC [*]
  - show version number on controller display (Info -> Versions)
  - much faster plugin store actions (no longer rescans everything for a 
single action)
  - start plugin store with 'stable' option checked
  - rescan plugins after a plugin deploy from MOD-SDK
  - optimizations to local plugin search
  - optimizations to FFTW library

[*] applies to future updates

The update procedure is explained at the bottom of the releases page, 

We hope you're enjoying your MOD Duo.
Please let us know of any issues!

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